Industrial Attachments

The Discipline has a strong relationship with the industry to ensure the programmes curriculums are in line with industry development. All Diploma and Higher Diploma full-time students have to undergo industrial attachments in relevant industries during their course of studies.

The Industrial Attachment programme enables students to experience the real working life and challenges in their relevant industry sectors. This programme helps students to transit from college life to a competitive work environment. Students can apply what they have learnt in real life situations, develop team work skills and problem solving abilities, improve communication skills and most importantly, acquire a positive attitude towards work and learning.

Students are assessed through a range of individual and group-based coursework activities, such as projects, written tests and oral examinations. Their performance in industrial attachment and related assignments are assessed jointly by employers and academic staff.

Through the Industrial Attachment Programme, employers have a chance to identify suitable candidates for future employment opportunities; which in turn enhances student’s employability.

Hong Kong Disneyland and Resort was awarded the Strategic Partners Award by VTC for providing IVE Hospitality students internship places, scholarships and many opportunities to help nurturing new talents for the tourism industry.
Cathay Pacific signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IVE Hospitality Discipline by providing industrial attachment to students of the Higher Diploma in Airport Operations Management programme.